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University Of Gävle MBA Scholarships To Study In Sweden, 2019

The University of Gävle is glad to announce its MBA Scholarships To Study in Sweden.
The new University of Gävle Study Scholarship is available for all new students who want to pursue MBA programme. This scholarship is available for students of all nationalities.
The aim of the scholarship is to provide the most excellent and high performing students a maximum amount of 75% of the tuition fee scholarship.
The selection procedure will be made based on Letters of Motivation as well as registered study results.
The Master Programme in Business Administration is a second cycle study programme at an advanced level for those who have a Bachelor of Science degree with business administration as a main subject.

The programme prepares you for qualified business administration tasks in public and private organizations and companies or to be self-employed.

University College of Gävle/Sandviken is established in 1977. Wenche Nerdrum-Ullman is the first Vice-Chancellor of the University. Now the University of Gävle is second best in Sweden among broad universities when it comes to the number of first-hand applicants to study programmes. Our Study Programme in Business Administration is the 12th most popular programme in the country.

The University of Gävle offers you a creative place to study at an environmentally certified university where all programmes and courses are collated in the same place.
You may choose from around 50 programmes and close to 500 freestanding courses. Study full time or part time, evenings, through distance learning or over the Internet.
What You Need To Know About The University of Gävle MBA Scholarships To Study in Sweden.
Scholarships are available to study Master degree programme at University of Gävle.

The scholarship can be taken in SWEDEN.

This scholarship is available for students of all nationalities.
Read also if you wish to study outside your home country: Simple and Detailed Answers about Applying and Winning a Scholarship.
The scholarship offers a maximum amount of 75% of the tuition fee

The University of Gävle MBA Scholarships Eligibility:
Applicants must meet the following criteria:

1. A scholarship may only be granted by the University upon written application by an applicant or a student having been accepted for a programme by the University provided that the applicant or student is covered by the obligation to pay a study fee under the
ordinance 2010:718,
2. A Scholarship may only be granted for the duration of a programme, as set out in its curriculum, i.e. a maximum of three (3) years for a Bachelor’s program and one (1) or two (2) years for a Master program.
3. A Scholarship covers 75% of the study fee for a programme.
4. Scholarships are granted for the first year of studies and thereafter, upon grated prolongation, for the following years covered by the programme.
5. For a scholarship to be prolonged after the first year of studies, the student granted a scholarship is required to obtain study credits equivalent to those required by the National Board or Student Aid (CSN) when granting study loans to students, i.e. 45 ECTS credits per year.
6. Where a student does not fulfill these requirements, the scholarship will be withdrawn and the student may be required to repay any funds paid out.
7. Scholarships can only be granted to applicants who applied at www.universityadmissions.se to his/her Study programme in

How To Apply For The University of Gävle MBA Scholarships
All fields must be filled in before you send in the application form, Please click “Submit” to send the application. Please read the
conditions before applying.
All applications will be reviewed in the middle of October. Issues concerning the acceptance of scholarship and written confirmation of the “Conditions of Scholarship” will be conducted through email with the Division of Communication and Strategic Partnerships at the University of Gävle.
Online Application

Scholarship Application Deadline:  August 24th 2019.

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